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What are the advantages of entrusting treatment of my lawn to professionals?

Lawn treatment may seem simple and a lot of advertising, specifically by fertilizer manufacturers try to lead you to believe it.

However, to obtain conclusive results that won't damage your lawn instead of beautifying it, you have to know how to calculate the exact quantity of fertilizer to be used, correctly space out the applications, choose the appropriate period for application and use discernment, while giving the right diagnoses.

It is not rare that people contact us after having treated their lawn and burning the roots of their plants, or attracting insect pests, simply because they applied too much fertilizer to their lawn. There is also the fact that treating your lawn at the wrong time is a waste of money, such as when the grass is in a period of dormancy.

In short, entrusting the treatment of your lawn to a Eagleyard network expert ensures good results and usually saves you money and worries.