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Eagleyard, its head office and its franchisees ensure that your personal information is highly confidential and that it will never be shared with third parties. We promise to ensure this confidentiality over the Internet with a security certificate using the TLS 1.2 protocol that encrypts the information that you enter.

We only give the last four figures in your credit card number if we must confirm an order or contact you for a payment problem. Of course, we must transmit the complete number in a highly secure way to the credit card issuing company involved when processing the payment of your contract. Any confirmations provided when processing payments will be received by the payment service’s server and is governed by the latter’s personal information protection policy.

We will never contact you by email to ask for specific information regarding your payment method or your identity and we caution you regarding phishing attempts. In the case of doubt, never hesitate to call us.

Overall, we use the best technology available to protect our customers’ information. Your rights and obligations as well as those of Eagleyard in regards to privacy are governed by applicable laws in Canada.