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Monday, 13 May 2024
Garden trends for 2024

Garden trends for 2024

Whether your garden is small, large, indoor, or outdoor, it is always a good idea to be aware of the trends of the year to make it a more relaxing and harmonious place. If you are looking to renew your sacred green space, you’ll certainly find some inspiration in this article. What is trending often has the benefit of being in sales in garden centers, so keep an eye out for what could join your perennials!


What are the top garden trends for 2024?

The top garden trends for 2024 include:

  1. Vibrant colors ?
  2. Rewilding?
  3. Dahlias?
  4. Grow fruit and vegetables?
  5. Pastel landscapes?
  6. Quartz?
  7. Urban gardening?
  8. Fragrant plants?
  9. Mysterious garden?

1. Vibrant colors

Experimenting with color is one of the most exciting and motivating things about creating a plant palette for your garden space. Native plants with bright colors like red, orange, and purple are modern garden ideas that will take off in 2024.

Color adds positive energy to your home garden, and you can count on allium, cosmos, salvia, and freesia to bring these colors. Also, note that the purple/yellow color combination, in particular, is great for bringing bees into gardens. In addition, it creates a vibrant mix that stands out in a special way among so much green.

2. Rewilding

This is a trend that is extremely good for your soil health and that embraces imperfection. As the term suggests, rewilding allows your garden to revert back to an ecosystem that welcomes biodiversity in your garden space. All you need to do is to let weeds grow (they are native plants after all) and sow a mix of wildflower seeds where you would like to rewild. Taking into consideration that in the past 50 years, more than half of the world’s wildlife and flora has been lost, it’s a nice small gesture.

3. Dahlias

Dahlias distinguish themselves among flowering plants as they continually bloom throughout summer and are easy to take care of. They are perfect for urban gardens or balcony gardens since they can prosper while remaining in pots. Dahlias come in a wide array of colors and they have a long vase life. If this wasn’t enough already, the more you cut them, the more they sprout!


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4. Grow fruit and vegetables

The trend of growing your own food and eating seasonally will become more popular in the following years. Many people are trying to keep their food organic, and it's essential to find good growing conditions to keep your fruit and vegetables safe. If you’ve never prepared a delicious salad only using foods from your vegetable garden, you haven’t tasted true success.

More specifically, the trend of growing potatoes and sweet potatoes will definitely be popular in 2022. This is because you only need a potato to grow a potato, and they don't demand as much effort and sunlight as tomatoes. 

5. Pastel landscapes

Pastel landscapes are extremely relaxing to the mind and eyes (not to say mental health). This is why paler tones of yellow and pink are predicted to be popular colors in gardens in 2022. The most popular combination will be bold shades like blue, teal, and purple. What’s lovely with pastel colors is that they often complement the colors of homes!

Alyssum, petunias, pansy, zinnia, violas, and impatiens are perfect annuals that can practically grow anywhere in Quebec. Remember that when selecting plants and flowers for your garden they must be zoned 2,3,4, or 5. Depending on where you live, plants zoned 5 might not thrive as much.

6. Quartz

A polished and smooth stone can make a beautiful garden accessory. Quartz can be used in a wide variety of ways, depending on the shape and size of the stone. We'll also see people selecting various kinds of stones to create natural stone designs. The darker the stone, the better the effect, but lighter and more rounded stones are also suitable. Quartz is also gorgeous next to a water feature.


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7. Urban gardening

Although gardening is a popular pastime, the number of people that would like to incorporate it into their daily lives is increasing. As a result, urban gardening is growing in popularity, as people want to escape the daily pressures of life and have a more relaxing environment.

Many neighborhood associations are springing up to claim more land from cities to dedicate to gardening. Balcony gardens are also a form of urban gardening since not everyone has the chance to have a patch of lawn. This restricted form of gardening makes it perfect to let vines droop down or add gorgeous colors to the concrete metropolitan areas.

Plant containers are often overlooked when it comes to planning a garden. Shooting star geraniums and a little birdbath can make the most of your balcony. If you want to make your balcony garden more modern, how about pots with urns?

Having a garden without having a plot of land is still possible: just put pots on the inside or outside windowsill, near the front door, in a tiny yard, on a balcony, and why not, on a roof. If you have an outdoor garden space, make it your first choice. The pots themselves are aesthetically pleasing. You can choose them in terracotta, with or without patterns, in cement, or even in earthenware. You can also repaint old metal pots.

The possibilities of arrangement are infinite: shelve the pots, hang them on the wall or arrange them from an old stereo case or an old bathtub. A variety of plants can be adapted to pots, especially those that are satisfied with a minimum of water, as the soil in a pot dries out very quickly. Otherwise, the only constraints are the size of the plants and the microclimate of your garden.

By moving the pots around, you can create different effects depending on the season, even if it means camouflaging plants that have finished flowering. To change the colors from year to year, plant annuals; edible plants, such as tomatoes and strawberries, look great in pots. Whatever you choose, be sure to water your plants. Two applications a day is not too much in the height of summer!

8. Fragrant plants

One of the greatest pleasures of designing a garden space is selecting the different fragrances that will be part of it. Whether it be rosemary or roses, carefully place plants in certain strategic areas, and drags of wind will create a fantastic olfactory experience.

Many plants produce fragrant flowers, but the intensity of their fragrance often fluctuates between varieties. The perception of their scent also varies considerably from person to person. Sometimes the scent is so faint or subtle that you literally have to put your nose in the flower to smell it. This is the case with most hostas, daylilies, and bearded irises that are considered fragrant.

If a single flower hardly creates a reaction in our nostrils, the group effect can sometimes completely perfume the air. For instance, orange tulips and their exquisite orange fragrance can be perceived from two meters away. The same effect is occasionally found in astilbes.

9. Mysterious garden

A mystery garden invites you to stroll, contemplate, or even isolate yourself. One can imagine lawns lined with flowerbeds, flowers as white as the moon, and dark paths that suddenly lead to a patch of sunlight. It can be a simple courtyard with a bench surrounded by a stone wall. 

If every garden keeps a little touch of mystery, even if it's only a little reading corner, some gardens are only mysterious. For example, nothing compares to the Zen garden Ryoan-Ji, in Japan, where 15 stones arranged in a perfect visual balance give an impression of infinity. This garden is perfect if you wish to promote meditation. All you need is a simple paving stone, a neat lawn, and a superb tree.

Perhaps you prefer a slightly sinister atmosphere, with shady corners, moss-covered ruins, a murky pond, or even scattered paths that lead to an arch, a stone bench or a statue? Green plants with huge leaves, such as rheum palmatum and hydrangea sargentiana, are just as suitable for this style of garden as white or light-colored flowers, such as callas, or even red roses.

Regardless of the garden design trends you will incorporate into your garden space, the golden rule of any successful outdoor living space is a beautiful lawn. The gorgeous vibrant green grass blades provide an additional kick of color to anything you’ll decide to grow. Doing business with lawn professionals such as EagleYard Green will ensure that your landscape design won’t be plagued by pests or intrusive dandelions.


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